Brokeass mama

Just wanted to share one good blog on another. I’m following this woman’s admirable approach to raising a toddler on $0.I have to say, I find it so refreshing she is sharing this with the world. It allows us to all take a minute, step off the monotonous ferris wheel that mothering can sometimes feel like, and admit it’s a REAL challenge, and the funding of it is just the beginning… and by that I mean it’s bloody expensive! As I prepare (6 weeks or so now!) for the arrival of my 2nd child, I have almost all that we need, and I have either been GIVEN it (thanks all of you – and you know who you are) OR it’s on loan (co-sleeper anyone? SCORE!) or I bought a few things – but at drastically reduced prices, and from other moms passing it on – who could use the cash. I feel good about it so far. Reusable nappies? Not gonna do it. Activities? I think I’m gonna give in… however, I’m also going to make $ hosting some of my own, and guess who will be participant #1 in mommy’s toddler yoga classes?

So all of this to say, I’m excited, and scared, and challenged, all at once… but I am getting on this ride.

Join me, won’t you?



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